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Our Support Staff


A.M. Finlay

Student Assistant


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Matthew Hughes

School Social Worker

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Sherrie Monaco

School Psychologist

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About Us

Every counselor is committed to helping promote a positive culture and to helping establish an environment for optimal learning while delivering a high-quality, comprehensive school counseling program to all students.

NKHS Intervention Program


Alyssa Walsh

NKHS Interventionist

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Some Services

  • Keeping track of assignments from Canvas

  • Making to-do lists for students so they best utilize their time

  • Monitoring grades

  • Helping with course homework or long term assignments 

  • Making graphic organizers for essays

  • Breaking down projects

  • Reading with students to assist with comprehension 

  • Helping come up with organizational and study strategies

  • Providing time/space and proctoring missed quizzes/tests if teachers are comfortable with that 

  • Supporting with mental health, providing a safe place when overwhelmed

  • Communicating with parents and guidance about goals that we've established together

  • Program directing of credit recovery - Edmentum


Students are placed in intervention for a variety of reasons, but I can support them in whatever way I can. 

 Please reach out to me if I can assist you or your child in ANY way. If you see your student falling behind significantly, feel free to reach out to guidance to learn more about my program and if there is space available during your child's PLT. 

      Overall, I think this program is a huge success, and I hope to continue that progress again this year. Students gained skills, confidence, points on their GPAs, and credits toward graduation. I gained a lot of knowledge about subjects I didn't know about (geometry especially!), how much students can grow when given opportunities, and how much I love being here at NKHS.

    Have a great year and reach out any time!


Positive Alternative to School Suspension (PASS) Program


Melissa Waterman

PASS Educator

Call 401-268-6288

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Cynthia Zito

PASS Educator

Call 401-268-6288

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Positive Alternative to School Suspension, or PASS, is a program intended to provide a positive, structured learning experience for students who have violated the student code of conduct outlined in the student handbook. Students are assisted in completing academic work, engage in discussions that focus on identifying poor decisions and their consequences, and receive services for their social and emotional needs, if needed.