NKHS Clinic

Welcome to the Nurse's Office at North Kingstown High School

School Nurse: Lynda Thibeault, RN, BSN, RSN


Clinic 401-268-6278  or 401-268-6279

Sick/Attendance Line 401-268-6239

 Clinic Paraprofessional: Barbara Seeley


Calling your child out absent and when to keep your child home

Please call the NKHS Sick Line at (401-268-6239)  when you anticipate that your child will be tardy or absent.  If your child is out ill it is helpful to know your child's symptoms so that I can determine if an outbreak of one particular illness is occurring in the  school. We ask that students  stay home for the following reasons:

  • Fever >100.4 F

  • Vomiting or diarrhea

  • Persistent cough

  • Excessive fatigue and lethargy due to their illness

  • Known contagious condition (ie. strep throat, impetigo, pink-eye) that has not been properly treated

  • Symptoms of the Covid-19 virus pending a negative Covid test

It is important for your child to stay home when showing signs and symptoms of illness.  All guidelines from the RIDOH will be followed. Please refer to the playbook for more information:




To complete the workflows, click here to access your Aspen Family Portal.

It is important to date and save all changes you make to the health information.

If you need assistance with your Aspen credentials (login), please contact our Guidance department.  They have access to view account credentials or reset passwords.  Additionally, there is a self-recovery on the login page for forgotten passwords.

Please remember that you must use your Aspen username and password in order to complete the workflows (not the student username/password).  Also, the Annual Health Collection and Update Student Emergency Card workflows will not reflect any changes until it is accepted by the school.  Please do not submit more than once.

For additional assistance with Aspen workflows, see below;

Tutorial Video on Back to School paperwork in Aspen


Below is the link to upload your physical to the athletics portal in order to participate in athletics at NKHS. Physicals in the clinic are not forwarded to the athletic director.  

For questions regarding sports participation please reach out to the athletic department.