Graduation Requirements - Class of 2022

In October of 2016, the RI Department of Elementary and Secondary Education made changes to the graduation requirements commencing with the Class of 2021.   The foundations of the graduation requirements are:

  •         Ensuring grade level literacy and numeracy

  •         Rhode Island diploma system (Course credits)

  •         Supports to students

The vision of the new regulations emphasizes the ideals of graduation by proficiency, personalization, and multiple pathways for students.


Ensuring Grade Level Literacy and Numeracy

North Kingstown will assess and monitor student progress in literacy and numeracy.  We are currently utilizing STAR progress monitoring, course assessments, and data from other testing such as PARCC, PSAT, and SAT.   Interventions and supports are discussed with parents and may result in students being recommended for the Academic Resource Center, math lab classes, or reading and writing workshops.  When indicated more intensive supports are provided through a Response to Intervention system (RtI), 504 plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


Students in the Class of 2021 and beyond have the opportunity to earn endorsements on their diploma.  Endorsements are noted with a seal on the student’s diploma. 


Commissioner’s Seal

This seal certifies that the student has demonstrated proficiency in Mathematics and English Language Arts.  This is validated through external assessments such as PARCC, PSAT, and SAT.  The criteria are listed below:


Numeracy – The student has scored at level 4 or above (raw score 750 or above) in PARCC Algebra or PARCC Geometry, or a score of 480 on the PSAT Mathematics, or a score of 530 on the SAT Mathematics.


Literacy – The student has scored at a level 4 or above (raw score 750 or above) in the PARCC English Language Arts and Literacy Grade 9 test, or a score of 430 on the PSAT Reading and Writing, or a score of 530 on the SAT Reading and Writing.


North Kingstown High School tracks the scores of students in all of the above assessments and will notify students who qualify by the end of their 11th grade year.   Students who reached proficiency in the PARCC Algebra 1 test in 8th grade will have their score applied to the proficiency standards for the Commissioner’s Seal.


Seal of Biliteracy


To qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy, graduating seniors must meet 2 criteria from the list below, before graduation:


  • In English Language Arts (ELA), any one of:

    • Four (4) years of English graduation course requirements with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher as of early May of the year of graduation.

    • A score of 4 or above in each domain (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening) of the ACCESS assessment for English Language Learners.

    • Proficiency demonstrated on PSAT, PARCC, SAT, AccuPlacer, ACT, or TOEFL.

  • In one (1) or more languages other than English:

    • Proficiency* on AP World Language, International Baccalaureate (IB), SAT II, or

    • Intermediate-Mid score on the ACTFL Assessment of Performance in Languages (AAPPL, OPIc, WPT, STAMP)


*Consult with the World Languages department on proficiency scores for each of the tests.



Rhode Island Diploma System


In order to receive a North Kingstown High School diploma, students must attain 24 credits in the following categories:



Social Studies


Physical Education/Health

Fine Arts

Emerging Technologies


4 credits

4 credits

3.5 credits

3 credits

2 credits

.5 credits

.5 credits

6.5 credits

*Three core credits and one additional credit that can be a core course or math-related course.  Courses that qualify as math related are designated in the Program of Studies that can be accessed online at


In addition to completing the course credits, students must complete the requirements for the twenty-two (22) Comprehensive Course Assessments and proficiency of their Senior Project.

Supports to Students

Personalized Learning Environments

This year North Kingstown High School is piloting an 8-period schedule in order to provide students with the opportunity for expanded learning experiences and time for additional learning supports.  In addition to the variety of courses offered at NKHS, students are allowed to take courses that align with their personal interests and career goals by enrolling in courses through the Advanced Coursework Network, Virtual High School, or dual and concurrent enrollment course through the PrepareRI initiative. 

Multiple Pathways

The RI Department of Education Pathways Endorsement areas are Arts, Business and Industry, Education and Teaching, Global Humanities, Public Service, and STEM.    In order to receive an endorsement, three components must be met:

  •        Academic Study

  •       Career and Interest Engagement

  •       Application of Skills

NKHS currently has three Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways in the areas of Pre-Engineering and Robotics (STEM), Business and Finance (Business and Industry), and Information Technology (STEM). In order to meet the requirements of the academic study, students must enroll in the pathway no later than the beginning of their sophomore year. Details about the programs and applications can be found in the Program of Studies under Career and Technical Education, or by contacting Mr. Kevin Gormley, Career and Technical Program Director, at

Individual Learning Plans

North Kingstown High School tracks student progress and goals through their transcript records and Individualized Learning Plans (ILP).   For current 9th grade students, parents can access the ILP information using the log on information provided to each student for the Google Classroom site: Class of 2021 Guidance Classroom.   For questions or assistance in viewing the ILP site, please contact our Guidance Office or email your student’s counselor.

Contacts and Appeals

The faculty and administration at North Kingstown High School continually seeks to expand opportunities for students and provide for the ongoing academic, social, and emotional growth of our students.  We welcome student and parent communications.    For more information about Seals of Endorsement, the diploma requirements, or student supports, please contact the guidance counselor assigned to your student:

Class of 2021

For last names beginning with A – J Mrs. Mia Toro

For last names beginning with K- Z    Mrs. Emily Bell

For students enrolled in the CTE program:   Mrs. Erin Ward

If you wish to appeal any decision made in regards to coursework, graduation status, or acceptance into the a CTE program, please contact Ms. Shivali Finkelstein, Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning, at