Engineering and Robotics Program

About Us

The Engineering and Robotics Program was established in the fall of 2015. Engineering and Robotics follows the nationally recognized curriculum provided by “Project Lead the Way”. Students enrolled in the academy will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to potentially pursue a career in the field of Engineering. Our students partake in a project based curriculum where higher level thinking skills are used to create solutions to problems that are present in the world today.

Engineering and Robotics has a classroom infrastructure that mirrors what a student would experience in an actual engineering work environment. The design and layout of our engineering classrooms allows students to better incorporate the design method in the collaboration room, modeling room and build room.

Our new build room contains manufacturing technology that could be part of an actual manufacturing company. Some examples are 3D printers, power tools, and our new Computer Numerical Control router.

Courses are offered which study Engineering Design as well as the fields of Mechanical, Civil, Robotic, and Electrical Engineering.  Students enrolled in the program can earn advanced standing for admissions at select colleges and universities around the country in partnership with the “Project Lead the Way” curriculum.

The program has a highly competitive Robotics program that partakes in state and national competitions.  This after school team is one of the elite programs in the state of Rhode Island having been distinguished with state awards on an yearly basis. This state recognition has allowed the team to compete at a regional level involving teams from the east coast. Our program has a partnership with the RI National Guard and other local companies to host a Robotics Competition for all other robotics teams in the state of Rhode Island.

Engineering and Robotics Program Teachers


Richard Powell


Malaree Shields


Jerome Simmons