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Guidance » Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Individualized Learning Plan:
Each student at North Kingstown High School will develop an ILP (Individualized Learning Plan).  Students will work on their ILP throughout their four years at NKHS during advisory and classroom visits.  Please see the link for an overview of the ILP.  
Each student's ILP is housed in the respective grade for each Guidance Google Classroom.  Each class has its own Google Classroom (for example-Class of 2019 Guidance Google Classroom or Class of 2020 Guidance Google Classroom).    
The following is a statement that was emailed to all NKHS students:
The ILP is a student directed planning and monitoring tool that customizes learning opportunities and supports attainment of goals. NKHS guidance counselors post frequent announcements in the Guidance Google Classroom as this is where the ILP for NKHS students is housed. It is imperative that you, as a student, read and respond (where applicable) to all posts as this is your document that should express your interests and needs. The ILP supports personalization and is a fabulous tool that helps map academic plans and progress toward graduation requirements. Additionally, the ILP should reflect your unique set of interests, needs, learning goals, and post-secondary plans. It is our hope that all students will be engaged in their ILP as it will help with goal setting, decision making, and self-advocacy skills to support you as a lifelong learner.