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North Kingstown High School

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Main Number: 401-268-6240 

Ms. Maribeth Budlong, Guidance Secretary 

Fax Number: 401-268-6220  

CEEB Code: 400088

 Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!   

Grades 9-12:   
Career Speaker Series:  The NKHS Guidance Department is sponsoring a Career Speaker Series that will take place during March, April and May. Various community members will be visiting our high school to discuss their profession. Please take a look at the attached document that lists the speakers that will be here during the last week of March. If you are interested in attending a session, please come to guidance to sign up. A pass to come to the presentation will be given to you during advisory; however, you must have permission to miss advisory/class from your teacher. You are responsible for all missed work. These sessions will last approximately 30 minutes.
The calendar for May will be forthcoming.
Scheduling for the 2019-20 Academic Year:  Students in grades 9, 10 and 11 received the following documents during advisory: Course selection sheet, list of electives, letter from Dr. Morse, and a Program of Studies Quick Reference Guide.  Students are expected to view the teacher recommendations after Feb. 26th and submit their course selection sheet to their history teacher by March 1st.  The following was posted on each grade's Guidance Google Classroom: 
"Attention all students in grades 9-11:
This morning in advisory, you will receive scheduling documents for the next school year. You will receive a letter from Dr. Morse, the Program of Studies quick reference guide, a list of courses, and a course selection worksheet. 
You will need to submit your course selection worksheet to your history teacher by March 1st. When selecting electives, please refer to list of NKHS courses and the Program of Studies which can be found on our high school website under the ACADEMICS TAB. You should prioritize your list of courses and include four alternate choices. You should select courses that you need towards graduation as a top priority. Be sure to choose either 7, 7.5 or 8 credits depending on whether you opt to have a PLT or take advantage of senior privileges, which includes late-arrival or early-dismissal. We also recommend that you speak to your individual teachers regarding your course levels for the following school year. Teacher recommendations for the next sequential class will be viewable on your Aspen account on Tuesday, February 26th.
Guidance counselors will visit all History classrooms in March to meet with each student individually; at this time, your guidance counselor will review your teacher recommendations for the next sequential class and we will add your electives in Aspen. This would be the appropriate time to ask questions about the selections you have made or to clarify any of the recommendations made by your teachers. 
You should return the course selection worksheet to your history teacher by Friday, March 1st. We look forward to working with you throughout the scheduling process."
Guidance Google Classrooms:  All students have been asked to join their class' Guidance Google Classroom. If you have not done so as of yet, please email your guidance counselor to request the class code.  Guidance counselors post important information and ILP assignments to the Guidance Google Classroom. 
ACN:  Registration for RIDE's Advanced Course Network (ACN) Spring 2019 classes will close on Friday, December 21st, 2018. Please note the following:

1. Registration will remain first-come-first-serve so please register as soon as possible if you are interested in taking a course. 
2. Students are eligible to take up to two courses per semester. There is no cost involved to students/families. 
3. Students will receive dual credit (typically one credit for NKHS and either 3 or 4 college credits) if course is offered by a local college/university. Please note some ACN courses will grant high school credit, but not college credit due to course being offered by an industry professional. 
4. Courses are offered in three ways; face-to-face, fully online or blended. 
5. For more information including registering for a course(s), please visit 

The ACN is designed to help Rhode Island schools create opportunities for public school students to identify, pursue and realize their individualized graduation pathway. Enriching experiences with advanced coursework help students get a head start on post-secondary success, master the skills required of a lifelong learner, and be prepared for jobs in sectors critical to Rhode Island’s future prosperity. (RIDE)  Once you register for a course on ACN, Mrs. Normand will follow up with you as there is required paperwork that needs to be filled out by both student and parent. 
Community service/Senior Project Work Opportunity: please see attached.
For tips on how to prepare for mid-term exams, please see attached. 
Grades 10-12:  The ASVAB test will be given on March 21st from 7:15-10:15 in the cafeteria.  All 10th, 11th, & 12th grade students are eligible to take it.  The sign up sheet is on the front counter in guidance.  


Applying to CCRI this fall? Deb Watson from CCRI will be in guidance on February 20th from 9:30 - 11:30 to help seniors apply.  Students need to bring their chrome books and social security numbers.  There's a sign up sheet on the front counter in guidance.  She will see a maximum of 10 students every half hour. For information regarding the RI Promise opportunity at CCRI, visit the following links:

College Visits: Representatives from colleges and universities, near and far, come to our guidance library to meet with juniors and seniors.   Interested students must sign up in guidance.  See the calendar of visits in your Guidance Google Classroom or below. 

There are only two visits for January so we do not have a College Visit Calendar. 

January 7th at 8:45 - Yale 
January 31st at 8:45 - The Navy recruiter will be here to talk about their ROTC program

Please sign up to attend in Guidance.  

Senior Parent Night:  Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the NKHS Auditorium   If you did not attend, presentations are below.  One presentation is from the senior guidance counselors, and the other is from a representative from the College Planning Center of RI (titled Basic 18-19 Financial Aid presentation).  

Class of 2019 Senior Parent Night Presentation 

18-19 Financial Aid Presentation from College Planning Center of RI 

College Planning Center of RI's FAFSA Kickoff Night-Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 from 6:30pm-8pm.  Complete the FAFSA! 

Guidance Counselors visit all Topics in Literature classes-Week of September 24th.  The information discussed is available on each senior's Class of 2019 Guidance Google Classroom. If you were absent, please see the information below. 

Class of 2019 Considering College? Packet 

RI Promise at CCRI and Joint Admissions Agreement Info

What are my options besides a 4 year college? 

Common App tutorials for seniors:  Held in the guidance library during all 3 lunches on the following dates:  October 16th, 17th, and 18th and November 13th, 14th and 16th.  Students should bring their charged Chromebook and be prepared to log on to Common App! 

Scholarships:  Lists are now available!  See the scholarship page for postings. 

Juniors and Seniors: 
College Visits:  Representatives from colleges and universities, near and far, come to our guidance library to meet with juniors and seniors.   Interested students must sign up in guidance.  See the calendar of visits in your Guidance Google Classroom or below. 


SAT Information Night for Parents on 2/21/19: Please click on the link below if you missed Dr. Morse's presentation regarding SAT School Day test which will be on April 9, 2019.

PSAT/SAT Information Night presentation 

Assembly: There will be an assembly on Wednesday, December 19th for all juniors who took the PSAT this past October. Each student will receive a hard copy of his/her score report on this date. Students are encouraged to log into their college board account to view their full PSAT/NMSQT score report. Score reports include an access code on the front cover which students can use to get their full report online at psat/org/myscore. Students who do not have a college board account can create one at All students should have a Khan Academy account as well which gives free, personalized practice for the SAT. To create a Khan Academy account, visit which allows a student to link their College Board account with his/her Khan Academy account.

See the link below for "Understanding PSAT results".

Advisory visits:  Guidance counselors visited advisories during the week of September 17th.  Information that was discussed has been posted on the Class of 2020 Guidance Google Classroom.  Guidance counselors will also present information to all juniors during an assembly during the first week of October.  The presentation will be available on this website and in Google Classroom soon. 

2018 PSAT/SAT Information

Classroom visit:  Guidance Counselors visited all grade 11 English classes in November.  Please see below for information that was presented. 

Class of 2020 Junior Presentation

Junior Parent Night Nov. 2018:  Guidance counselors hosted Junior Parent Night.  Please see below. 

Junior Class College Info Session 

Please see additional handouts distributed at Junior Parent Night below. 


SAT Information Night for Parents on 2/21/19: Please click on the link below if you missed Dr. Morse's presentation regarding SAT School Day test which will be on April 9, 2019.

PSAT/SAT Information Night Presentation

Advisory visit:  Guidance counselors visited all grade 10 advisory classes. We discussed first quarter grades, getting involved in NKHS, and Advanced Coursework Network (ACN) opportunities. Please see below: 

Class of 2021 Fall Advisory Visit 


Advisory visit:  Guidance counselors visited advisories during the week of September 17th.  Information that was discussed has been posted on the Class of 2022 Guidance Google Classroom. 

Please see Class of 2022 Survival Guide and The Freshman Handbook below.   

How to Be a Successful Student at NKHS handout

Classroom visit: Guidance counselors visited all Emerging Technologies classes.  They conducted an interest inventory and discussed a variety of careers.  Students were asked to create a Career Roadmap on Google Slides as an assignment in Emerging Technologies and as an assignment in their ILP.